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If you’re in business as a sole trader, knowing how much tax you have to pay, and when, is likely to be important to you. And knowing that you’re not paying too much is likely to be just as important. Alb Accounting takes pride in providing efficient and often innovative tax-efficient strategies. Our tax services aim to deliver quick, confidential, tax savings for every client.



  1. Calculate your tax position
  2. Deal with all your tax affairs no matter how complicated; include employment income, pensions, benefits and expenses, etc.
  3. Be available for all your tax queries and questions
  4. File your return online to H M Revenue & Customs
  5. Send you a full copy and explanatory notes
  6. Deal with the Revenue on your behalf



On receipt of your application, a simple questionnaire is sent to obtain your personal details. This is only required in the first year. Thereafter an annual update form is all that is needed. If any further information is needed to complete your tax return, it will be requested from you.

A completed tax return is sent for your approval, together with an easy to follow computation of your tax position. You will also be advised when you need to pay any tax owed.

Your tax return is submitted via a secure electronic system to HM Revenue & Customs, for agreement. All correspondence and queries raised by the Inspector as a result of this submission will be dealt with.

You will be advised when your return is agreed and reminded of any tax to pay and when to make payment. Following receipt of your standing order payment or renewal cheque, the process is repeated for each future year.



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